Restaurant Owners: More Wage & Tip Pool Violations to Avoid

By James Blake 5 April 2011Employment Law Litigation, Restaurants

Restaurant owners frequently work in their own restaurants as cooks, bartenders, servers, etc. Yet despite doing the s... Continue Reading...

Austin Entrepreneur Lecture: Bootstrapping vs Sabotaging a Small Business

By James Blake 31 March 2011Restaurants

The Blake Law Firm is proud to present a lecture for the Struggling Entrepreneur Group on Thursday, April 7th Continue Reading...

Business Law

By James Blake 26 March 2011Slider
Corporate Lawyer & Small Business Attorney
Build security into your business with legal advice on corporate formation... Continue Reading...

Commercial Real Estate

By James Blake 25 March 2011Slider
Commercial Real Estate Law & Lease Negotiation

Get what you bargain for when you’re buying or selling real estate in... Continue Reading...

Intellectual Property

By James Blake 24 March 2011Slider
Protecting & Licensing Intellectual Property Rights

Protect your IP and get advice for copyright and trademark protec... Continue Reading...

Mergers & Acquisitions

By James Blake 23 March 2011Slider
Selling a Company or Buying a Business in Texas

Secure your business buyout, asset sale, merger, or business acquisiti... Continue Reading...

Estate Planning

By James Blake 22 March 2011Slider
Texas Estate Planning & Exit Strategy

Protect your family, business, and loved ones with Texas wills and trusts, e... Continue Reading...

Outsourcing Agreements with Positive Incentive Price Structures to Drive Performance

By James Blake 12 March 2011Business Contract Law, International Business

Outsourcing often provides cost efficient ways to procure quality goods and services. Yet, a successful outsourcing ag... Continue Reading...

Austin Business Law Presentations: 2011 RISE Entrepreneurship Conference

By James Blake 25 February 2011Presentations

This year, the Blake Law Firm is thrilled to be hosting three Austin Business Law presentations for the RISE... Continue Reading...

Technology Company Partnerships with Non-Profit Organizations

By James Blake 10 January 2011Intellectual Property, Non-Profit Organization

Now more than ever, technology companies are utilizing tax-exempt non-profit organizations to grow market share and pl... Continue Reading...