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Texas Construction Contract Law & Construction Contract Required Disclosures

By James Blake 12 August 2011Construction Law

Many contractors and repairmen are unaware that both state and federal law requires a number of disclaimers and other ... Continue Reading...

Texas Construction Contract Negotiation for Subcontractors

By James Blake 7 August 2011Construction Law, Contract Negotiation

Texas construction contract law is full of pitfalls for the unwary. This is particularly true for subcontractors, who ... Continue Reading...

Construction Law & Construction Contract Agreements for Construction Project Security

By James Blake 4 July 2011Construction Law

Construction contracts can be a ticking time bomb for real estate owners, developers, architects, contractors, and sub... Continue Reading...

Texas Construction Contracts: Tips for Contractors to Avoid Illegal Contracts

By James Blake 25 April 2011Construction Law

Construction contracts are subject to both state and federal laws. In Texas, there are many rules requiring specific d... Continue Reading...

5 Ways to Prevent Excessive Costs in Your Construction Project

By James Blake 5 October 2010Construction Law, Insurance

Large construction projects come loaded with latent risks that could lead to project failure or excessive cost due to ... Continue Reading...

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