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Website Terms of Use & Click-Wrap Agreements for Effective Business Strategy

Almost every web page has a “click-wrap agreement” style of disclaimer, terms of use (TOU), or terms and conditions of service. This is true even for sites that are not business or e-commerce websites. Software, application, and website terms of … Continue reading

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Maximize IT Company Business Valuation & Technology Startup Exit Strategies

Business valuation of IT companies and tech startups for the purpose of business investment or the sale and purchase of a tech company is often a fine art. Currently, ‘monitization’ and ‘revenue’ are the buzzwords that dominate this topic in … Continue reading

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How Exit Strategy Improves Small Business Organization, Processes & Investment

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs starting a business dream of selling a company or achieving other exit strategies through merger and acquisition or business succession planning with a family business.  A small business attorney can provide invaluable advice for … Continue reading

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Selling a C-Corp: Stock Sale vs Asset Sale

Selling a corporation is generally achieved by either an asset sale or by selling all company stock. When selling a business in Texas, selling the stock of a C-corporation rather than just selling the company assets often results in better … Continue reading

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Using Negative Incentives in Outsourcing Agreements to Drive Performance

It’s increasingly necessary to use negative, compensation-reducing mechanisms to prevent vendors from intentional or negligent breach of contract that may damage your company or brand. This is particularly true in international business or contracting for foreign outsourcing services. In foreign … Continue reading

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