Texas Real Estate Lawyer

Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Our Austin law firm advises real estate investors, property owners, small business owners with commercial leases, property management companies, architects and engineers, construction companies, and landlord tenant issues.  A commercial real estate lawyer in Texas can protect your rights in real estate contracts and commercial leases, construction contracts or construction litigation, formation of real estate trust funds and other real estate vehicles, and business contracts for real estate investment companies and property management companies.

Buying or Selling Real Estate in Texas

If you are investing in real estate, or buying and selling real estate in Texas, consult with a Texas real estate lawyer to optimize your tax results, to structure real estate trust funds and other real estate vehicles for asset protection, to maximize return on investment, and to negotiate your real estate contract agreement to protect your interests.

• Real estate investment trusts & other asset protection real estate vehicles
• Drafting and negotiating your real estate contract agreement
• Advising real estate titles, easements, environmental issues & zoning
• Real estate litigation, dispute resolution, and settlements

Texas Commercial Lease Attorney

Commercial lease negotiation is critical for small business owners with a commercial lease, commercial real estate property owners, and property management companies.  Our business law firm provides commercial real estate lawyer services and regularly reviews and advises commercial lease negotiation for our clients.  Contact our law firm today to get a commercial real estate lawyer in Texas to review your commercial lease.

Property Management & Landlord Tenant Law

Our Austin law firm also provides property management attorney services, and regularly counsels landlords and tenants in landlord-tenant disputes.

• Property Management Contracts, Service & Concierge Agreements, Leases
• Landlord tenant litigation and security deposit refunds