Wills, Trusts & Exit Planning

Small Business Estate Planning & Business Trusts

Small business owners and family business trusts with proper estate planning can achieve estate tax advantages.  Estate planning is also critical for a family business or small business because without an estate plan and business succession plan, your family business may deteriorate due to unclear ownership, leadership, and estate taxes.  Our Austin law firm will help you achieve your lifetime estate planning goals with asset protection and business planning for your small business while minimizing estate taxes.

• Business Succession Planning
• Business Trusts
• Life Insurance Trusts
• Annual Tax-Free Gift Programs
• Family Employee Stock Option Programs

Last Will, Trusts, Estate Taxes | Estate Planning Attorney

Dying without a last will and testament, trust, or estate planning puts your wealth, assets, and business in jeopardy.  Without an estate plan, your assets are split up in probate according to Texas law of intestacy.  Your estate may be subject to heavy estate taxes and people or organizations you cherish might not inherit the property or assets that you want to give them.  Our Austin law firm can help you avoid estate taxes and ensure that your wealth, assets, and business survive by your wishes.

• Last Will and Testament
• Codicil to Last Will
• Estate Planning Wills
• Estate Planning Trusts
• Charitable Giving

Durable Power of Attorney | Advance Medical Directive

Give your family or loved ones the power of attorney to take care of you in case an accident or medical condition causes mental incapacity.  With a durable power of attorney, your trusted representative can handle your property and finances, and can better provide for your living situation.  With a medical directive, you can make sure your health care treatment reflects your values, beliefs, and wishes.  An advance physician directive also benefits your family and loved ones or your medical power of attorney because it answers some of the most difficult medical decisions and takes it off their shoulders.

• Financial Power of Attorney
• Healthcare Power of Attorney
• Advance Medical Directives
• Out-of-Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate Order