Business Law & Corporate Attorney

Austin Business Lawyer | Corporate Attorney in Texas

Get a corporate attorney in Austin, Texas for comprehensive business lawyer services customized for your company.  Our Austin business law firm advises investors and small business clients at all stages, from starting a business and company formation, to investor agreements and business financing, to business expansion and restructuring, and throughout the processes of negotiating business contracts, intellectual property licensing, business succession planning, exit strategy, and selling a business.

Starting a Business | Austin Company Formation Lawyer

Our Austin business law firm regularly advises entrepreneurs, start up businesses, small business owners, and investors to ensure diligent business planning and business entity organization with a focus on limiting risk and business tax while maximizing asset protection, business valuation growth and exit strategy.

• Advising Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Risk Analysis
• Company Formation: Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships & More
• Business Entity Formation Documents & Partnership Agreements
• Investor Agreements

Business Contract Agreements | Austin Contract Lawyer

Contracts are the foundation of a stable business.  Our Austin business law firm prides itself on drafting contracts that are customized to the organization and operation of your small business.

• Employment Contracts & Independent Contractors
• Advising Commercial Leases & Real Estate Transactions
• Renegotiating Entire Contract Portfolio to Reduce Operating Expenses
• Negotiating and Drafting All Business Contracts

Business Growth, Succession Planning & Exit Strategy

Investors and small business owners must grow and expand with business succession planning and exit strategy in mind.  Taking the right business planning and decision making, you can dramatically increase your business valuation and strategic partnership opportunities while minimizing business taxes and estate taxes.

• Advising Strategic Partnerships & Investor Relationships
• Business Planning for Expansion & Franchising
• Business Succession Plans, Exit Strategy, Selling a Business
• Estate Tax Planning for Family Business Owners