Business Disputes & Commercial Litigation

Austin Business Litigation Attorney | Breach of Contract

Business disputes and business litigation often arises between business partners, small business owners, and investors or strategic partners.  Our Austin business litigation law firm is committed to resolving partnership disputes and other business disputes quickly, and without commercial litigation, if possible.  We will advise your rights in breach of contract, debt collection, fraud, deceptive trade practices, and other business litigation matters to provide effective commercial litigation attorney services and help you get justice.

Debt Collection Lawyer | Austin Collection Attorney

Debt collection is one of the most frustrating aspects of operating a small business.  If you need an Austin collection attorney to demand payment and get debt collection results, our business law firm provides experienced debt collection lawyer services.

• Making Demand of Payment for Debt Collection & Breach of Contract
• Negotiating Breach of Contract & Fair Debt Collection Settlements
• Commercial Litigation Lawsuits for Breach of Contract & Fair Debt Collection

Breach of Contract Lawyer | Austin Litigation Attorney

Breach of contract can often bring a small business to a halt.  If you have a business dispute or breach of contract problem with a business partner, small business, independent contractor, investor, or strategic partner, our Austin business litigation law firm will assess your case and work hard to get a fast resolution to your problem.

• Legal Notice of Breach of Contract, Business Disputes & Other Claims
• Engaging with Parties in Breach of Contract & Negotiating Settlement
• Breach of Contract Arbitration and Mediation
• Breach of Contract Lawsuit for Monetary Damages & Equitable Remedies

Defending You in Court | Business Litigation Lawyer

If you have been served with a lawsuit, or if someone has send you a demand letter or claim letter, it’s important to act quickly.  Our Austin business litigation law firm will assess you case, advise you of your rights, and represent you in all commercial litigation matters.

• Responding to Demand Letters, Claims & Lawsuits Filed Against You
• Investigating Your Case & Negotiating Settlement
• Defending Your Commercial Litigation Case in Court