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Breach of Contract and Non-Compete Agreement Validity

Non-compete clauses are standard in employment contracts across a range of industries, in addition to similar contract clauses such as non-solicitation, non-disparagement, and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  The enforceability of non-compete contracts in Texas is a question that must be addressed … Continue reading

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Enforcing Texas Employment Contracts & Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements in employment contracts are often misunderstood by both employers and employees. Texas employment law generally protects employees, and Texas is known as a right to work state, often construing employment contracts and non-compete agreements against employers. Employees must … Continue reading

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IRS Employee Reclassification: Independent Contractor vs Employee

Small businesses often prefer to hire workers as independent contractors, rather than as employees, in order to avoid payroll taxes, benefits, and other related burdens. This is a perfectly acceptable practice, unless the worker would be considered an “employee” in … Continue reading

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Restaurant Owners: More Wage & Tip Pool Violations to Avoid

Restaurant owners frequently work in their own restaurants as cooks, bartenders, servers, etc. Yet despite doing the same job, an employer working as a restaurant employee doesn’t have the same rights as other employees. Under state and federal law, certain … Continue reading

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Austin Entrepreneur Lecture: Bootstrapping vs Sabotaging a Small Business

The Blake Law Firm is proud to present a lecture for the Struggling Entrepreneur Group on Thursday, April 7th in Austin, Texas. “Bootstrapping vs Sabotaging a Small Business” will discuss the challenges, mistakes, and growing pains that startup companies and … Continue reading

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