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Website Terms of Use & Click-Wrap Agreements for Effective Business Strategy

Almost every web page has a “click-wrap agreement” style of disclaimer, terms of use (TOU), or terms and conditions of service. This is true even for sites that are not business or e-commerce websites. Software, application, and website terms of … Continue reading

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Intellectual Property Licensing: OSS for User Adoption & IT Sales

The rise of open source software (OSS) is one of the most remarkable intellectual property and IT law trends to blossom in the last decade. “Giving away” intellectual property once seemed counterintuitive, but it is now a cornerstone of business … Continue reading

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Austin Entrepreneur Lecture: Bootstrapping vs Sabotaging a Small Business

The Blake Law Firm is proud to present a lecture for the Struggling Entrepreneur Group on Thursday, April 7th in Austin, Texas. “Bootstrapping vs Sabotaging a Small Business” will discuss the challenges, mistakes, and growing pains that startup companies and … Continue reading

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Technology Company Partnerships with Non-Profit Organizations

Now more than ever, technology companies are utilizing tax-exempt non-profit organizations to grow market share and platform adoption, to increase sales of complimentary services and products, and to control market standards. This trend has broad implications for both large and … Continue reading

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