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Business Law

By James Blake 26 March 2011Slider
Corporate Lawyer & Small Business Attorney
Build security into your business with legal advice on corporate formation... Continue Reading...

Commercial Real Estate

By James Blake 25 March 2011Slider
Commercial Real Estate Law & Lease Negotiation

Get what you bargain for when you’re buying or selling real estate in... Continue Reading...

Intellectual Property

By James Blake 24 March 2011Slider
Protecting & Licensing Intellectual Property Rights

Protect your IP and get advice for copyright and trademark protec... Continue Reading...

Mergers & Acquisitions

By James Blake 23 March 2011Slider
Selling a Company or Buying a Business in Texas

Secure your business buyout, asset sale, merger, or business acquisiti... Continue Reading...

Estate Planning

By James Blake 22 March 2011Slider
Texas Estate Planning & Exit Strategy

Protect your family, business, and loved ones with Texas wills and trusts, e... Continue Reading...