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Developing Intellectual Property | Austin IP Lawyer

Our Austin, Texas law firm advises all phases of intellectual property development, IT law consulting, IT contracts, licensing intellectual property rights, and strategic partnerships to maximize your intellectual property, brand, and business valuation for investment and exit strategy.

• Technology Development & Research Contracts
• Invention Assignments & Work-for Hire Agreements
• Outsourcing Agreements & Production Agreements
• Technology Acquisition Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements
• Co-Authorship Agreements & Strategic Partnership

Brand Protection | Austin Trademark & Copyright Lawyer

Trademark law, brand protection, and intellectual property licensing strategy are fundamental for business valuation and revenue growth. Consult our Texas law firm and speak with an IP lawyer in Austin about developing and licensing intellectual property for competitive advantage, for brand value, and for protecting IP rights:

• Registering Trademarks, Trade Names & Services Marks
• Protecting Trade Dress & Proprietary Designs
• Trademark Licensing & Co-Branding Agreements
• Software Licensing Contracts & Bundling Agreements
• Publishing Agreements, Art & Illustration Licensing
• International Trademarks & Copyright Registration

IT Lawyer in Austin | Intellectual Property Infringement

IT law affects any business with a web page, online payment and communications, and companies that collect and distribute media or other intellectual property through the internet or mobile technology.  Contact a Texas IT lawyer or intellectual property lawyer in Texas to get serious about protecting your IP rights in IT business contracts and enforcing intellectual property infringement litigation in court.

• Web Development Agreements & App Development
• End-User Licenses & Clickwrap or Click-Through Agreements
• Domain Name Infringement & Cybersquatting
• Copyright Infringement & Trademark Infringement
• DMCA Take Down Notices & Safe Harbor Compliance

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