Restaurant, Retail & Franchise Law

Retail & Franchise Lawyer | Restaurant Attorney

Retail stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and franchises face unique business and legal hurdles that often sit on the “back-burner” until a problem arises.  Our Austin law firm provides general business law, retail store, restaurant attorney, and Texas franchise lawyer services to protect branding, trademarks, and other intellectual property (IP), to advise real estate contracts and commercial leases, buying and selling a store or opening a restaurant in Austin, franchising a business, and advising franchise disputes and franchise litigation.

Opening a Store | Opening or Buying a Restaurant

Our Austin law firm advises clients opening a retail store or convenience store, starting a restaurant, investing in or buying a store or restaurant, and others selling a retail store, convenience store, or restaurant.  If you are buying or selling a store or restaurant, consult with a retail and restaurant attorney to advise your:

• Commercial real estate contracts, letter of intent & commercial leases
• Buying or selling a restaurant, retail store, convenience store & partnership buyouts
• Business contract agreements with customers, vendors & service providers
• Licensing, permitting, and advising regulatory and franchise law

Brand Protection & Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property is critical to the branding and success of retail stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and franchises, including trademarks, service marks, business methods and systems, and other intellectual property rights.  An intellectual property attorney and trademark lawyer in Austin can help you with developing and licensing intellectual property for competitive advantage, brand value, and for protecting intellectual property rights.  Call our Austin law firm to talk with an intellectual property attorney and trademark lawyer in Austin for your restaurant, retail store, or convenience store.

Franchising a Business | Texas Franchise Lawyer

Expanding a company by franchising a business, distributorship, and other business opportunities requires advice from a Texas franchise lawyer to ensure you avoid breaking Texas franchise law.  Our Austin law firm consults franchisor franchisee matters, franchise agreements, distributorship agreements, as well as franchise disputes and franchise litigation.

• Full franchise development, franchise documentation & franchise registration
• Advising franchisor franchisee rights, franchise agreements & contracts
• Resolving franchise disputes, franchisor franchisee matters & franchise litigation

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