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Intellectual Property Licensing: OSS for User Adoption & IT Sales

By James Blake 29 August 2011Intellectual Property

The rise of open source software (OSS) is one of the most remarkable intellectual property and IT law trends to blosso... Continue Reading...

Foreign Company Registration & Business Organization: Business Tax for Foreign Owned Companies

By James Blake 20 August 2011Uncategorized

Business organization for foreign owned companies and foreign owned corporations in Texas requires several important b... Continue Reading...

Texas Construction Contract Law & Construction Contract Required Disclosures

By James Blake 12 August 2011Construction Law

Many contractors and repairmen are unaware that both state and federal law requires a number of disclaimers and other ... Continue Reading...

Presentation: Business Law Strategies that Accelerate Small Business Valuation

By James Blake 10 August 2011Presentations, Small Business Law

To maximize value growth for small business, your business organization should start with a focus on business valuatio... Continue Reading...

Texas Construction Contract Negotiation for Subcontractors

By James Blake 7 August 2011Construction Law, Contract Negotiation

Texas construction contract law is full of pitfalls for the unwary. This is particularly true for subcontractors, who ... Continue Reading...