Presentation: Business Law Strategies that Accelerate Small Business Valuation

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To maximize value growth for small business, your business organization should start with a focus on business valuation benchmarks and exit strategy toward selling a company, with a comprehensive investment, business planning, business operations, and business law strategy.

Austin business lawyer James Blake will present a webinar for The Business Bank of Texas on August 25, 2011, titled “Business Law Strategies to Maximize Small Business Valuation.” Register for Free here at the Austin Business Law Presentation Registration.

Small Business Legal Strategies for Business Valuation

To realize small business valuation goals, your business organization must execute business plans diligently and leverage business law strategies that create both intrinsic value and strategic value, including:

• Asset Protection – Separating Assets from Liabilities
• Financially Secure Investor Agreements
• Contracts / Limitation of Liabilities
• Developing and Licensing Intellectual Property Rights
• Strategic Partnerships – Industry Positioning
• Selling a Company, Partnership Buyouts & Exit Strategy

Register for the Austin small business law presentation, or call an Austin business lawyer to learn more about legal strategies for business valuation maximization. Our Texas business law firm regularly advises small business investments, business start ups, contract law, developing and licensing intellectual property, strategic partnerships, buy-sell agreements, exit strategy, and clients selling a business.

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