Intellectual Property Licensing: OSS for User Adoption & IT Sales

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The rise of open source software (OSS) is one of the most remarkable intellectual property and IT law trends to blossom in the last decade. “Giving away” intellectual property once seemed counterintuitive, but it is now a cornerstone of business planning and marketing strategy for many start up business entrepreneurs, IT companies, mega-corporations, and is a critical intellectual property development strategy for sales of complimentary IT goods and services for small business and large companies.

Open Source Software, IP Licensing & User Adoption

Open source software (OSS) is a “free” intellectual property licensing strategy that can overcome the “chicken or the egg” problem of collective action: a platform isn’t valuable to users until it is significantly developed, while developers wait for user adoption before committing resources and intellectual property to a platform. OSS lowers the third-party developers’ required investment and encourages user-developer contributions to functionality, often improving the quality of the platform and the value of the OSS as intellectual property, building momentum for broader-based user adoption.

Intellectual Property Licensing Lawyer & OSS Revenue Streams

Successful open source software (OSS) and similar intellectual property licensing and IP development strategies require “open access elements” for user adoption and “closed-access elements” to generate revenue. In the most basic model, online web apps often offer “freemium” and “premium” versions of the same product or service. To take your IP licensing model to the next level, an intellectual property lawyer can help structure your OSS and other intellectual property licensing strategies to maximize the leverage of your IP portfolio for sales of complementary goods and services to developers and end users.

OSS and similar intellectual property licensing strategies can be a launch-pad for selling hardware, warranties, IT service contracts, software as a service (SaaS), third-party sales platforms, and IT support or IT consulting services. Call an intellectual property lawyer in Austin with our Texas law firm to maximize ROI through innovative.

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