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Texas Contract Law: Texas Breach of Contract Defenses

By James Blake 13 May 2012Business Contract Law, Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Many small business contract agreements are illegal, unenforceable or subject to Texas breach of contract defe... Continue Reading...

Texas Contract Law & Breach of Contract Litigation

By James Blake 27 October 2011Business Contract Law

Both large and small business owners need strong business contracts and legal forms.  A strong legal contract enhance... Continue Reading...

Legally Enforceable Contracts & Breach of Contract Lawsuits

By James Blake 24 October 2011Business Contract Law

Will your business successfully enforce a contract in the worst case scenario, where business deals unravel into contr... Continue Reading...

Outsourcing Agreements with Positive Incentive Price Structures to Drive Performance

By James Blake 12 March 2011Business Contract Law, International Business

Outsourcing often provides cost efficient ways to procure quality goods and services. Yet, a successful outsourcing ag... Continue Reading...

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