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Texas Commercial Lease Types & Commercial Lease Negotiation

In Texas, there is no “standard” commercial lease. Landlords and tenants should prudently review lease agreements and fully understand the allocation all risks, operating expenses, payment obligations, and performance obligations of the parties in order to effectively negotiate a commercial … Continue reading

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Sending & Responding to Breach of Contract or Cease & Desist Letters

Sending or receiving a demand letter can be an emotionally charged experience with many opportunities for mistakes when you don’t consult experienced legal counsel.  If you’re the victim of a breach of contract or intellectual property infringement, a business attorney … Continue reading

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Tortious Interference: Texas Business Litigation

Business and partnership disputes can bring out the worst in people.  When a business partner, shareholder, employee, customer, or business executive feels they’ve been wronged through a breach of contract or other unfair treatment, irrational and illegal behavior can be … Continue reading

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Legally Enforceable Contracts & Breach of Contract Lawsuits

Will your business successfully enforce a contract in the worst case scenario, where business deals unravel into contract dispute and breach of contract litigation?  Even large, sophisticated businesses, professionals, and investors make contract law mistakes, and may pursue  a breach … Continue reading

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