Texas Contract Law: Texas Breach of Contract Defenses

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Many small business contract agreements are illegal, unenforceable or subject to Texas breach of contract defenses.  In a Texas breach of contract scenario, illegal or unenforceable terms in business contract agreements make business litigation for small business contract disputes difficult.  Understanding Texas contract law and the defenses to breach of contract is important when entering into business contract agreements with vendors, employees, and strategic partners, and a Texas contract lawyer explain the effect of breach of contract and whether you can successfully enforce a contract and sue for breach of contract.


Contract Law Defenses to Texas Breach of Contract

If you have committed a breach of contract, or if someone has breached a contract against your small business, there are many Texas breach of contract defenses that are attacks on enforcing a contract itself.  A Texas contract lawyer can help you understand aspects of Texas contract law that may prevent you from enforcing a contract and suing for breach of contract, including:

• Lack of Contract Consideration
• Lack of Capacity to Enter into a Business Contract
• Undue Influence and Duress
• Unconscionable Contract Terms
• Illegal Contract or a Business Contract Against Public Policy

Enforcing a Contract & Breach of Contract Litigation

Enforcing a contract in business litigation and suing for breach of contract under Texas contract law is much more successful when a small business engages a Texas contract lawyer to review contracts and draft business contract agreements before business litigation starts.  By engaging a Texas business lawyer, your small business can prevent your opponent from having defenses to breach of contract, and make sure that your business contracts are secure for potential business litigation.

Our Texas business law firm regularly advises clients in Texas contract law, including reviewing contracts, drafting business contracts, and contract negotiation.  Contact our Texas business law firm today to speak with a Texas contract lawyer.

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