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Breach of Contract and Non-Compete Agreement Validity

Non-compete clauses are standard in employment contracts across a range of industries, in addition to similar contract clauses such as non-solicitation, non-disparagement, and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  The enforceability of non-compete contracts in Texas is a question that must be addressed … Continue reading

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Buying a Company & Defensive Due Diligence

Due diligence for a business buyout or asset acquisition is a process that usually begins after signing a letter of intent (LOI) which sets forth the parties’ desire to buy and sell a company or assets. Many people use the … Continue reading

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Texas Contract Law: Texas Breach of Contract Defenses

  Many small business contract agreements are illegal, unenforceable or subject to Texas breach of contract defenses.  In a Texas breach of contract scenario, illegal or unenforceable terms in business contract agreements make business litigation for small business contract disputes … Continue reading

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Sending & Responding to Breach of Contract or Cease & Desist Letters

Sending or receiving a demand letter can be an emotionally charged experience with many opportunities for mistakes when you don’t consult experienced legal counsel.  If you’re the victim of a breach of contract or intellectual property infringement, a business attorney … Continue reading

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Tortious Interference: Texas Business Litigation

Business and partnership disputes can bring out the worst in people.  When a business partner, shareholder, employee, customer, or business executive feels they’ve been wronged through a breach of contract or other unfair treatment, irrational and illegal behavior can be … Continue reading

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