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Texas Contract Law & Breach of Contract Litigation

By James Blake 27 October 2011Business Contract Law

Both large and small business owners need strong business contracts and legal forms.  A strong legal contract enhance... Continue Reading...

Permitted Use & Implied Warranty of Suitability in Texas Commercial Leases

By James Blake 26 October 2011Commercial Real Estate Law

Texas commercial real estate transactions, including commercial lease contracts, ar... Continue Reading...

Legally Enforceable Contracts & Breach of Contract Lawsuits

By James Blake 24 October 2011Business Contract Law

Will your business successfully enforce a contract in the worst case scenario, where business deals unravel into contr... Continue Reading...

Franchisor vs Franchisee: Competition & Franchise Encroachment

By James Blake 23 October 2011Franchise Law

There are many ways for a franchisor to encroach on or compete against a business franchise, depending on the Protecte... Continue Reading...

International Business Startup: Foreign Registration & Business Incorporation in Hong Kong or Singapore?

By James Blake 12 October 2011International Business, Uncategorized

Businesses in Texas that are expanding or starting business in Asia often ask me where they should locate their Asian ... Continue Reading...