Tortious Interference: Texas Business Litigation

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Business and partnership disputes can bring out the worst in people.  When a business partner, shareholder, employee, customer, or business executive feels they’ve been wronged through a breach of contract or other unfair treatment, irrational and illegal behavior can be the unfortunate result.  It’s not uncommon for disgruntled employees and executives to intentionally attempt to damage the company’s reputation or business relationships – known under Texas law as tortious interference.  A Texas business litigation lawyer can help you stop tortious interference of contract or business relations and help you recover damages that your company sustained from these wrongful acts.

Tortious Interference with Business Relationships & Contracts

There are two general types of tortious interference.  Tortious interference of existing contract occurs when someone intentionally sabotages a business contract and causes one of the parties to breach contract.  Tortious interference with a prospective business relationship occurs when someone intentionally makes false statements to damage future business relationships, which prevents a contract or agreement from taking place.  A Texas commercial litigation attorney can help you recover damages for tortious interference of future business relations or contract, which may include:

• Economic Loss
• Mental Anguish
• Lost Profits
• Punitive Damages

Winning a Tortious Interference Lawsuit

Just like any other business or commercial litigation lawsuit, successful recovery from a wrongdoer requires that you show the court that you suffered damage or loss due to the defendant’s wrongful act.  To be successful in a Texas tortuous interference claim, you need to show:

• Your prior relationship or business contract
• The wrongdoer’s intentional and unjustified acts
• The act caused a breach of contract or damaged relationship
• The loss or damage suffered by the company

If you or your company is a victim of tortious interference, avoid the knee-jerk reflex to react to the wrongdoing in an equally irrational and destructive way – that can open the door to defendant counter-claims and can ruin your chances of a successful business lawsuit.  Contact a Texas commercial litigation attorney who can give you good counsel, protect your rights, and seek out the recovery for damages that you deserve.  Our Austin Texas law firm can review your case and help you pursue your rights.

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