When Business Owners Die Without a Last Will and Testament

By James Blake 5 January 2011Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts, Exit Strategy & Business Succession Planning

No one likes to think about their own death, and sitting down with an attorney to draft a last will and testament is o... Continue Reading...

Disclaimed Warranties & Representations: Promissory Fraud & the Right to Lie

By James Blake 17 December 2010Commercial Litigation

What your mom taught you about telling the truth is still good advice.  While it may seem to go without saying, at le... Continue Reading...

Tax-Advantaged Exit Strategies: Employee Stock Ownership Plans

By James Blake 30 November 2010Selling a Business

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) can be a fantastic tax-advantaged tool for selling your business or for transfe... Continue Reading...

5 Ways to Prevent Excessive Costs in Your Construction Project

By James Blake 5 October 2010Construction Law, Insurance

Large construction projects come loaded with latent risks that could lead to project failure or excessive cost due to ... Continue Reading...

Letters of Credit vs Documentary Collection in International Business Transactions

By James Blake 20 August 2010International Business

What’s the best way to ensure the quality of products and timely payment for business transactions across internatio... Continue Reading...

Is Venture Capital Right for Your Business Startup?

By James Blake 30 July 2010Business Finance

Raising Venture Capital is fiercely competitive, and many folks have unrealistic expectations and views about their co... Continue Reading...

Service & Restaurant Employee Wages: Avoid Labor Law Litigation

By James Blake 30 June 2010Labor & Employment Law, Restaurants

Restaurants and other service-based businesses benefit from an exception to state and federal minimum wage laws, allow... Continue Reading...

Biotech Lab Leases: Facility Build-Out Issues For Landlords & Tenants

By James Blake 19 April 2010Commercial Real Estate Law

Selecting a laboratory facility, customizing it with building improvements, and getting all of the necessary r... Continue Reading...

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