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Texas Construction Contract Law & Construction Contract Required Disclosures

Many contractors and repairmen are unaware that both state and federal law requires a number of disclaimers and other provisions for construction contracts. Failing to follow the law can set you up for significant legal and financial problems. In Texas, … Continue reading

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Presentation: Business Law Strategies that Accelerate Small Business Valuation

To maximize value growth for small business, your business organization should start with a focus on business valuation benchmarks and exit strategy toward selling a company, with a comprehensive investment, business planning, business operations, and business law strategy. Austin business … Continue reading

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Business Start Up Law for Manager Managed LLC Formation

Forming an LLC in Texas as a member managed or manager managed LLC is a fast way to get your business start up in motion. Yet starting an LLC in Texas without advice from a business start up lawyer or … Continue reading

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Asset Protection Planning for Small Business

Asset protection involves business law strategies for limited liability, creditor protection, limiting business tax and estate taxes, and protecting a small business from other contingencies.  Every small business has different assets and risks, requiring a customized business law strategy for … Continue reading

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Restaurant Contract Management, Supply Chain Management & Franchise Law

Restaurant supply chain management and contract management is paramount for multi-unit restaurant profitability, whether it’s a local brand, regional restaurant chain, or national franchise.  It’s also important to understand how contract law and franchise law impact supply contract management.  Individual … Continue reading

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