Cybersquatting, Domain Name Disputes & Trademark Infringement

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Trademark infringement issues relating to domain name disputes and cybersquatting is an ever increasing concern for many businesses. Trademark infringement litigation and domain name disputes are also likely to increase in the future as domain name availability is shrinking at a time when trademarks and domain names are essential to marketing and branding for growing businesses. A Texas intellectual property lawyer can provide valuable expertise if you or one of your competitors are engaged in cybersquatting disputes or trademark infringement claims.

Common Domain Name Disputes & Trademark Infringement

The “wild west” days of cybersquatting may be gone, but trademark infringement lawsuits often emerge from unintentional trademark infringement due to poor trademark research and due diligence. Get advice from a Texas intellectual property lawyer to make sure that your intellectual property rights are secure.

Additionally, trademark infringement in the form of unethical domain name registration is an escalating concern for many businesses. Many cybersquatters register domain names that are highly similar to popular trademarks or misspellings of popular trademarks and websites, or use the keywords and tags of competitors. It’s imperative to monitor the web for infringement and to take all actions to enforce your intellectual property rights.

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

If you’re starting a business and building your web-presence, or if you’re an established company experiencing cybersquatting or trademark infringement disputes, seek advice from a Texas intellectual property lawyer. Our business law firm regularly counsels trademark disputes and provides other intellectual property law services – contact the firm today!

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