Starting a Business in Texas: Business Formation & Business Documentation

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Diligent business planning and well-structured investor agreements are critical for anyone investing in a company or starting a business in Texas.  If you will have business partners or business investors, it’s especially important to structure your business planning, partnership agreements, and business contracts with advice from a skilled company formation lawyer.  A Texas company formation lawyer can review your business plan for starting a business, negotiate partnership agreements and investor agreements, and advise business formation structures for asset protection and business tax efficiency.

Limited Liability, Asset Protection & Business Tax

The best business entity structure for starting a business or for a business investment will be different for every business partnership and every business plan.  A skilled Texas business formation lawyer can give you expert decision-making advice covering topics including:

• Corporation vs Limited Liability Company Formation (LLC)
• C-Corp vs S-Corp Formation
• Other Business Entities: LPs, PLLCs, Family Limited Partnership, Series LLCs, etc.
• Tax Elections for Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, S-Corp & C-Corp Taxation
• Tax Incentives for Investment & Other Considerations

In some cases, multiple business entities are best to achieve your asset protection and business tax goals.  Other times, it may be advisable to start as one business entity type with the plan to change to a different business entity in the future to take advantage of special business tax, investor, and business planning  goals.  Consult with a Texas business formation lawyer to customize your company formation to your business planning.

Business Start Up Company Formation Documents

To start a company and incorporate a business in Texas, you’ll not only need to register with the Secretary of State – your small business will also need company formation documents and other legal forms, including:

• Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Shareholder Agreements
• Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Buy-Sell Agreements
• Annual Minutes of Meetings & Resolutions
• Employment Agreements, Non-Compete Agreement, Other Business Contracts

Our Texas law firm regularly advises investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are starting a business and seeking business formation advice.  To talk with a Texas company formation lawyer about starting a small business in Texas, call our Texas law firm today.

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