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Commercial Real Estate Insurance & Replacement Insurance Loopholes: Reconstruction Costs

By James Blake 13 February 2013Commercial Real Estate Law

Real estate insurance policies often include replacement insurance terms for the reconstruction costs of repairing or ... Continue Reading...

Texas Commercial Lease Types & Commercial Lease Negotiation

By James Blake 25 September 2012Commercial Real Estate Law

In Texas, there is no “standard” commercial lease. Landlords and tenants should prudently review lease agreements... Continue Reading...

Negotiating Texas Commercial Lease Pass Through Expenses

By James Blake 30 June 2012Commercial Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Commercial leases in Texas vary widely, and commercial lease negotiation requires understanding of the types of commer... Continue Reading...

Permitted Use & Implied Warranty of Suitability in Texas Commercial Leases

By James Blake 26 October 2011Commercial Real Estate Law

Texas commercial real estate transactions, including commercial lease contracts, ar... Continue Reading...

Biotech Lab Leases: Facility Build-Out Issues For Landlords & Tenants

By James Blake 19 April 2010Commercial Real Estate Law

Selecting a laboratory facility, customizing it with building improvements, and getting all of the necessary r... Continue Reading...

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